Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I got back from Kansas City this afternoon. I was so glad that my mom and I were able to go and visit my grandfather before Herschel and I make our final move this weekend. But, during our visit, I learned a thing or two. Here are just a few of the things I observed in no particular order.

1. Getting old is no fun.
2. Watching your parents get old is no fun.
3. I have an incredible amount of patience...which was tested multiple times a day during our trip.
4. I have a ridiculous obession with my dog, and I miss him like crazy when I don't get to see him everyday.
5. I am spoiled by our king-sized bed.
6. I require more alone time than I got this weekend.
7. Never trust your mom when she says she going to be inside somewhere for "just a couple of minutes" - it will inevitably turn into 2 hours and you haven't had lunch.
8. Kansas City is home to many of my very favorite restaurants, and none of them are healthy.
9. I am addicted to my DVR, and I feel lost without it.
10. I love Emily's Frozen Custard, and I think it's really cute that the guy who owns it named it after his wife.

I'm too tired to think about anything else. Overall it was a pretty good trip, but I'm happy to be back home - even if this won't be our home for very much longer. We have a very busy week ahead. Herschel comes home tomorrow night, movers are here Thursday and Friday, and we leave on Sunday. Please help us pray that everything goes smoothly over the next few days, especially as we close on the house on Friday.


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