Friday, February 26, 2010

Coming Full Circle

On Valentine's Day it hit me. We've done this before. Not that this was somehow the very first time Herschel and I had celebrated Valentine's Day together, but rather, we'd celebrated it in Florida before. Last year.

While we weren't officially Florida residents at that point, Herschel was residing at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Fort Pierce, and had been since January 4 with only one or two trips back to Little Rock. And I was still at our house in Little Rock trying to keep everything in tip top shape, praying that it would sell, and sell quickly.

While that seems so long ago, it also seems impossible that we've been here almost a year now. I still find myself telling people, "Oh, we just moved March." So, I guess it finally sunk in on Valentine's Day because that was the first big event that we celebrated in Florida. And in true Floridian style, last year our V Day was spent beach-side. This year it was spent couch-side. Oh, how a year changes things.

But the fact is, a lot of things have changed in this past year. Most of it has been quite unexpected, but as I've said before on this blog, all of it has worked to bring Herschel and I closer together as a couple. It has been an amazing process. And while I'm praying that his next project takes us somewhat closer to friends and family, I don't think I would trade this year for anything. It hasn't been easy, and it certainly hasn't been predictable, but the people we've met and the adventures we've been on have made it all very worth while.

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