Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't Mean to be the Bearer of Bad News, but...

Last weekend was dedicated to all things Sophia. We have made it our goal to finish up all of our little projects within the next few days or so, since I'm due in just 3 1/2 short weeks. On a side note, that is just so hard to believe - takes my breath away every time I think about it!

So, one of the projects I had been dreaming up had to do with painting a few canvases to go over the changing table. One small problem though - I am horribly unartistic. However, I did marry one of the most determined people in the world. And that is where the title for this blog entry comes from.

After finishing the first or second canvas, I was getting sort of proud of myself. I was shocked that they were actually turning out the way I wanted them to and we didn't have to spend hardly anything on them. So, upon admiring my work, I said something like, "Wow, I can't believe my idea is actually working! I think it might not look too bad after all!" To which my sweet, loving husband replied bluntly and without hesitation, "You have good ideas. You just have no confidence at all." Then after he realized that he had blurted that out, he looked up and smiled, saying "I mean, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but it's true."

How's that for honesty? I was actually stunned for a minute. Until I realized he was absolutely right. I always give him a thousand reasons for why we can't do something, and then he responds by ignoring all of them and showing me how we can do it. I guess that means we are good at balancing each other out.

So, here are a few pictures from my art project. Expect more nursery photos to come. We are so close to having it all finished, and I am so pleased with the way it has turned out. I can't wait to share it with everyone.

For now, enjoy these photos. I pulled the flower from Sophia's bedding, and then did it in the four main colors in her bedding and room.

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  1. They look wonderful, and I am SO impressed!!! I wish I knew how to do things like that... lessons, please?!?!?